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Ways to Entertain Yourself Without Technology

Posted by Webmaster on January 28, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Admit it, when you’re bored what’s your first impulse? Most likely it'll be the internet, like many other people believe. When you use your computer, you are using electricity and power, burning many recourses and creating pollution for unnecessary reasons. Instead of just going straight to the computer when you have nothing to do, try the suggestions below.

1. Read!
This option is pretty obvious. Most people these days don't care for reading, but it helps you become a better writer, improve your grades and entertain yourself. Nonfiction books about nature will help you love nature and learn about ways to protect it, plus they are interesting. To prevent deforestation caused to make the paper, rent books from the library. Take good care of them, though. Reading is a wonderful option for children who aren't allowed to go outside, such as myself.
Some good book titles include Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, Warriors by Erin Hunter, Fallen by Lauren Kate, and The Dark Hills Devide by Patrick Carman.

2. Take a Walk
Walking is not only good for the environment, but it is good for your health too! You will get to breathe some fresh air for once, and well as becoming fitter and strengthening your leg muscles. The sun and the wind give off ions that boost your mood. The sun even gives you Vitamin D, which prevents cancer! To make your walk more entertaining, you can bring a dog with you.

3. Set Challenges for Yourself
For example, challenge yourself to be able to jump higher, get better grades, lift heavier things, think faster and more. You will practice and practice until you satisfy yourself. This will be accomplishing much more than just sitting on the internet. 

4. Think
Your life probably has so many distractions that you have no time to think. However, thinking helps you make sense of the things that make up your life. By thinking over stressful things, you can make them seem less stressful. If you get stuck in deep thought, that can be very entertaining.

5. Practice or Learn a Hobby
There are so many hobbies out there... For example, wood-carving, sewing, chainmaille, gardening, drawing, writing, making music, rock climbing, sports, stained glass work, bonsai, and more. You can get money off of your hobbies, impress other people or simply just entertain yourself. After you start getting very good at a hobby, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself, which is a nice feeling. you could sew, sketch, paint, play the gutair, learn how to play the piano, write a song, write a story, write a letter, do your homework, make some poetry, play some sports, etc.

6. Bikes and similar things
Bikes, scooters, skateboards, boats, kayaks and more are very fun to use, especially if you are just learning how to use them. It's also good for you and has the same benefit to you as taking a walk. 

8. Go Hiking
To appreciate nature the most, you must be near it often so you would know more about it. Hiking helps you bond with nature and know how interesting it is. Also, it is very fun, expecially if you are adventurous. You could explore all day if you were that curious and interested. Just make sure not to litter. 

9. Play With Pets
Pets get bored too somtimes! Cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits.. Even fish! To entertain fish, just clean their tank and rearrange everything. It can be fun.  You could teach your dog some new tricks, or tease your cat with a playful string.

10. Be Weird!
Being normal gets boring. Being irrational and creative gives your brain more freedom and it can be very fun, and funny too. One thing you can do is stare out the window, or at any two people having a conversation who you can't hear, and make up a conversation. Another thing is trying to force yourself to cry, and then laughing about it. Imagine that they are saying those things. Remember, though, that weird things are creative things. You could go planking somewhere.

11. Visit a friend or family member!
Unless you're forever alone, this activity is very fun and enjoyable. You could do the cinnamon challange, play man hunt... The possabilities are endless.

When you are constantly burning power, and energy, on going on the Internet, think of the other things that are just as fun, maybe even more fun, and good for the environment. Don’t be the cause of pollution.

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Reply Aziz
9:54 AM on November 16, 2013 
i can not do any of this stuff its too cold outside and i want to spend time with my family but they can go an hour without their phones